Emanuel Shahaf

Emanuel is the inaugural chairman of the Israel Indonesia Chamber of Commerce. His passion for increasing relations between the two nations dates back to when he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia 20 years ago doing Israeli business development in Indonesia. He has been highly active in both Israeli diplomacy and politics over the course of his career.

Abdul Nasution

Abdul has been a security adviser to the Indonesian government for decades. He has been charged with handling the security of state visits to Indonesia dating back to President Bill Clinton. He currently advises and consults on security contracts for the military, intelligence, as well as airport security in Indonesia. He has long been an advocate of the increased security relations between Israel and Indonesia.

Dr. Henry Savarimuthu

Henry is the Ambassador to Malaysia for the Republic of Vanuatu. His career in diplomacy and government consulting is extensive across the Southeast Asian region. He has spent many years advising governments and businesses alike on infrastructure and trade improvements.

Kemal Surianegara

Kemal has been an adviser to the Indonesian Government for over 30 years. His experience with Israel started almost 20 years ago when he advised then President Gus Dur to be the first Indonesian president to visit Israel with the hopes of establishing stronger channels of trade, security, and bilateral relations.

David Svoboda

David is the founder of the Israel Indonesia Agency and has been a major advocate of Israeli-Indonesian relations for many years. His ongoing desire for peaceful relations is evident in his work with his non-profit organizations in Indonesia, digital technologies and platforms and his work with the mass media to improve the image of Israel in Indonesia and Indonesia in Israel. He is an Israeli citizen, but has spent the majority of the last decade living in Indonesia.


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